Lonavala, Maharashtra

The 2’am Party Scene: Lonavala

It is correctly said: “Don’t listen to what they say, Go See” – Chinese Proverb

Sometimes we make travel plans which are hard to start but will pour your heart into the sea of nostalgia when you sit back, relax and think of the moment spent with some of the best colleagues or friends which you have met by chance.

Here is yet another cool experience that was finalized after a long planning and discussion, The Lonavala Tour. Lonavala is a hill station in the state of Maharashtra and about 64 km from Pune City, which is also called as the Oxford of India, as it is a hub for engineering, management and medical aspirants to enroll themselves in some of the best colleges. Yeah, I am speaking a lot about Pune here and the reason is even I did my engineering from this city.

Planning a Trip:

It was a hot summer in Ahmedabad when everyone was quenching their thirst by drinking enough water due to the temperature and humidity which was making the surrounding uneasy for everyone. At the same time, we, the bachelor group were lazing around on our sofa with our casual discussions on different topics, making the other look so intelligent as it seems we have done a Ph.D. On every topic, though none was a Ph.D. holder.

So, we came up with a plan and decided that we all will take a car and start our journey from Ahmedabad to Mumbai, then to Lonavala, and finally to Pune before coming back to Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad to Pune distance is around 657 Km on Google Maps. Let’s see here how our planning took a twist and the hotspots to visit in Lonavala, the late-night party up above the hill, and some places in Mumbai (commercial capital of India).

Why choosing Lonavala?

Lonavala is one of the best travel destinations if you are in Mumbai or nearby areas. The hilltop, greenery, and the crowd will always amaze anyone whoever visits this place. I have traveled to Lonavala twice or thrice when I was in Pune during my engineering days a few years back, but most of my friends living in Ahmedabad haven’t gone to this place. So, we decided to travel to this hotspot in Maharashtra to see what amazing adventures we can do here. The journey started as per planning and by late-night, we started our trip so that by the next morning we can cover the 657 km of this trip and finally reach our hotspot.

The twist?

We all know that everything doesn’t go with the plans and there comes a point where you will be accompanied by a twist which will create a barrier in the path of the journey. After the overnight long drive, we all were tired and haven’t seen any rain till the morning before crossing the border of Gujrat but what surprised us more was the heavy rain which was suddenly started when we crossed the Maharashtra border.

As per the planning, we have to reach Lonavala via Mumbai early in the morning but the heavy rainfall made us take a halt at many points as the whole Mumbai was under heavy rainfall and alert were given on the radio about the rise in the water-level. Somehow, we managed to reach Lonavala after getting delayed by 4-5 hours. It was planned that we will be spending a short time at the hill station, will see the surrounding beauty of nature there, and will move to Pune, but the delay in timings made us cancel the plan of Pune.

Where We Stayed?

At this time, we haven’t booked a room in Lonavala but it was getting late due to rain and long queue in the traffic, so we stayed at the nearby hotel, named as,

Woodland Hotel- Darossaqalain Trust-Lonavala, which is an old-styled hotel but the important thing is liquor is prohibited there and we don’t drink, so for us, there’s no problem. If anyone of you is looking to book a stay here at an affordable rate, just message me, I’ll give the number of the person to contact. It is a big, peaceful place with a big garden; we did many photo sessions here also. It was uploaded on google maps also.

As it was getting late, the hotel staff guided us to visit places in the morning. But we took some time and thinking of what to do and someone among us told us about the late-night or the 2’am party which bachelors do on the top of the hill-side. Most of the college students who come to Lonavala from Pune to enjoy are not fully aware of this party-time. 

It was a great moment to cherish the journey with amazing friends as we took our car, and the best driver among us took charge of the steering’s and we said, Let’s Go!!

With hukkah, and all the foodstuffs we move up the hill and found a bachelor with their loud music volumes in their cars dancing, cherishing the moment, someone preparing barbeque for their group, some eating the mouth-watering Maggie, others smoking and drinking. The fun doubles when you enjoy the things under the slow drizzle when each drop of rain rolls over your body and energizes you, giving a sense of peace. Don’t forget to taste the famous Lonavala Chikki.

It was an extreme level of fun, the heavy rain has started once again, our hukkah was still lit-up.

The next day, early morning we covered the remaining hotspot of Lonavala and then started moving to Mumbai, again stuck in a heavy Mumbai traffic.

Here are the places to enjoy in Lonavala:

  • The Tiger Point
  • The Bhushi Dam
  • Lonavala Lake
  • Ambey Valley
  • Karla caves and Bhaja caves
  • Celebrity Wax Museum, to name a few.

Finally, we decided to end our Lonavala journey and while returning to Ahmedabad via Mumbai route, we thought of visiting the Haji Ali Dargah, The Gateway of India, Marine Drive, and Band-Stand to enjoy the calm Arabian sea waves.

I have many places to travel in my bucket-list. I always try to travel to those places where I can have the maximum fun with a low budget, which comes between Rs. 5,000 to Rs.10,000 per Head, and traveling to any location with a low-budget means, you have to increase the number of travelers, not the budget. I did the same. Yahoo!!

Well, I enjoyed it a lot during this journey and now I am planning to visit Kerala after some time, which is another famous tourist destination in India. 

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