Mukteshwar Hills, Nainital

Exploring the Lush Green Hills of Mukteshwar and Recovering from the Mental Stress


IMG-20190715-WA0034Mountain View

Everyone likes to explore the beautiful places in the world once in a lifetime. The natural views or landscapes can sometimes become the reason for anyone to find mental peace and get the mind, body, and soul rejuvenated.

Most of us have that inbuilt craving or adrenaline rush to explore the places we see on television or through some info from people who recalls their traveling experiences. The amazingly captured videos from the top bloggers give us an insight into what these places have to offer or how we can plan to travel these places on a budget that our pocket allows. My travel experience was a bit different this time as I haven’t heard the name of this place before, Mukteshwar Hills – Uttrakhand, which means it was again an instant plan for me.

A Sudden Plan:

Since the day my beautiful mom has left me and went to a different world, I was broken. After a few months, I somehow managed to build some confidence in me and checked the nearby place where I can visit the exhibition to get back to work. For everyone, there is an advantage of visiting trade, fairs, or exhibitions that it helps you in gaining knowledge of different new products in the market and to get interacted with various peoples from different background. So, I found an exhibition which was scheduled to be held in New Delhi, the Capital city of India in the coming days.

Being a Chemical Engineer and working in a different organization, now I want to travel, interact with different people, work on different products and to try new business as an independent guy to live a happy life. So, I booked tickets and visited the exhibition, interacted with various companies, learned many things. But at the same time, I thought of visiting my friend who works in New Delhi in some IT-based firm. It was then we made a plan to go to any hill station nearby Nainital.

We checked out some good places on the internet, invited a few more friends to accompany us, which they accepted. What next? We hired a travel guy, discussed the Car rent from New Delhi to Mukteshwar Village, and asked him to come at the pick-up point at the specified time.

About Mukteshwar:

Mukteshwar is a village in the Nainital district of Uttrakhand. It is a tourist destination that attracts millions of tourists every year who witness different weather conditions, each having its fun. The best thing is its 2171 meters high altitude, which rests in the Kumaon hills, allowing the visitors who come from different Indian states to enjoy the mesmerizing views at such a high altitude.

And here the fun begins. After traveling all night, we finally reached Uttarakhand and the aroma of nature was started striking our mind, giving a sense of relaxation and relief.

Meanwhile, we booked 3 rooms for 6 people online and stayed at Shivalaya Homestay. Our stay was not as we planned, power failure, and no-backup sort of situation we faced out there. With a chilling temperature due to rain throughout our journey. I somehow managed to take a bath from the cold water.

We traveled to Mukteshwar in July and at that time, it was heavily raining, but the adrenaline rush made us witness this adventurous journey. If you love snowfall, then winters are the best time to explore this village as it is covered with snow. Mountains are laden with snow makes it super awesome.

The Main Hotspots:

Mukteshwar is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places due to its rich natural waterfalls, amazing weather, and lush green hills. It catches the attention of every individual who visits this place. But it is not very popular like Nainital and Bhimtal. The main hotspots to visit in Mukteshwar are:

  • Chauli ki Jaali
  • Mukteshwar Dham Temple
  • Mukteshwar Mahadev Temple
  • Mountain View
  • Bhalugaad Waterfall
  • Apple Fruit Orchard

IMG-20190714-WA0013Mukteshwar Dham Temple

IMG-20190714-WA0104Bhalugaad Waterfall

Mukteshwar Waterfall

All these places will mesmerize your eyes, which will push you to experience the Himalayan mountain ranges.

One can relax his mind, body, and soul when we visit these places which are full of natural beauty.


Outside View of Our Homestay


Apple Orchard

Now let’s talk about the budget:

From my past experiences, I have observed that the more the number of persons with you, the more chances you get to save an extra buck.

My overall budget came out to be around Rs. 25000/-, which includes, food, total traveling, affordable hotel booking with an offer from the company, and back to New Delhi. As I have mentioned earlier, we were 6 people and the total budget came out to be Rs. 25000/- which is not a bad deal at all.

While returning, we took a halt at Nainital and spent some time at the famous Jheel or Lake of Nainital, had food, and enjoyed by exploring the overcrowded-market near the Nainital Lake.

Booking a cheap and affordable Homestay with some great deals is one of the best idea which I apply most of the time while exploring new places.

It was fun, though! After the journey, we felt a bit tired, but the energy level bounced back when someone from us suggested for a new travel destination. I wish to travel to another amazing destination in the near future.

So, guys, visit this place once in a lifetime. If you have a similar experience where an instant plan was made, do share it with me and connect with me on:, Click here!!.

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