Mount Abu, A Hill Station in Rajasthan

An Instant Trip to Mount Abu, Rajasthan

Writing is just a hobby for many people and putting that hobby into sharing some travel moments is one of the amazing ways to express the joy which is experienced while traveling.
Here is my video which was captured a year back during my journey to the rocky mountain, Mt. Abu, a hill station in the Indian State of Rajasthan. It wasn’t uploaded earlier as I never tried to edit and composed it before but thought of making the best use of quarantine followed by a lockdown at this tough time when the world is fighting covid-19 disease, I thought of giving it a chance.

About this journey:

It was an instant plan when I and my friends were getting bored and thought of going to some nearest hotspot near Gujarat by packing our bags in Ahmedabad. With less money in our pockets, we went on this adventurous journey. Being an overnight journey, we instantly booked a bus at midnight, booked a cheap price home-stay and two others joined, making it a very amazing journey. It was fun to be surrounded by other friends who have a great sense of humor, mine being at the top level.

As we have arrived at Abu Road, we have to wait for another bus who will pick us and drop us at the main bus station at the Mount Abut hill station. Completing an hour’s journey again, our body was already exhausted but we made it to the top of the mountain.

What’s next?
The first and the most important thing to do was to book a vehicle on rent for 4 friends. As per the availability, we took 2 Activas which was in good condition, and also, we have already heard from someone that Activas is the best choice to reach any spot easily as it offers a good mileage with an affordable budget. So, we have submitted our documents and paid the sum to the scooter service guy and traveled to the assigned location where we have booked our stay.
We have been provided with the best home-stay which we could have ever imagined in a low-budget journey. The room has a super security lock powered by GPS technology, and which can be only opened by putting the code which is sent on our registered mobile number on the company’s website.

It was a spacious room with 2 partitions, a kitchen, a bathroom. What surprised us more was the availability of induction cookers and necessary utensils, which helped us in preparing the tea. Thanks to this amazing service provider.

Here is the short clip of our journey, hope you guys will like it. The link is provided below:

Link of the YouTube Video: Mt. Abu Trip
What to Explore?

For the first time travelers to Mount Abu, there are many places to visit which can be googled out before making a plan but as I have told it earlier, ours was an instant plan which was made a couple of hours before booking our journey.

This made us strive more as we have to explore many locations by reaching there and taking the help of the locals. We might have left a few places unvisited, but covered most of it, which is given below to make it easier for my readers.

If you have already made a plan to travel to this destination in Rajasthan, i.e., Mt. Abu, then here’s a list of places to explore, these are:

  • Nakki Lake,
  • Hanuman Temple,
  • Honeymoon Point, 
  • Dilwara Temple, Must Visit
  • Jain Temple at Achalgarh Fort, 
  • Toad Mountain to name a few.

IMG_20190421_224025_1Map of Mount Abu

IMG_20190421_094318_1I LOVE MT. ABU sign opposite to Nakki Lake

IMG_20190422_184241_1Toad Mountain

Nakki Lake

dilwara temple 1
Dilwara Temple
Dilwara Temple
download (1)
Achalgarh Fort(image source: Google images)

IMG_20190421_185503Sunset Point near Hanuman Temple

Where to Stay?

We booked a #OYO #Homestay online at a very reasonable price. The more people, the more is the chance of getting an easy contribution.

Let’s Talk About the Budget:

We all know that whatever the plan might be, the first thing comes to mind is the budget, be it traveling to someplace, buying something, or booking a room. Our excitement gives a boost when the journey is both, an amazing and pocket-friendly. So, our total budget from booking a cab to the bus stop, online tickets for 4, to everything we did at Mount Abu, comes to be around Rs.12000/- total.

Guys, most the money is saved when you are a non-alcoholic, and the people accompanying you also comes to be the same. If the same is expected otherwise, then the amount spent will be high. Sounds great!!

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip at the only hill station in rajasthan and let me know about a similar experience(s) or an Instant plan which you have made up with your family, friends, or colleagues. Also, wait for my next video or blog.

Suggestions are most welcome.

Link: Mount Abu Fun

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