Start Writing and Build Confidence!

Are you a person with so much to say but unable to get the right platform?

Creativity is something that we all have but finding someone who can unleash your ideas and help you understand the concept of content writing in a better way is difficult. For me, it took a long year (almost my entire life from schooling to graduation), to overcome the fear of writing. Until last year it was 2018 when I googled out for a part-time freelance content writing.

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But why would I go for a part-time job?

Being a chemical engineer and having 4 years of work exposure in the same field, I found that I have enough time left to invest in doing something creative. Thinking all the time, Content Writing strikes on my mind.

What happened next…

I am not fully aware that what exactly a content writer or a blog writer does or what is a ghostwriting. So, I took a number from google which says, A Content Writer needed. Then what? I just called on the number and told the madam that I am working in a chemical profession and can work as a part-time content writer. She said, I don’t have a requirement of fresher but will let me know whenever the next project arrives. I cut the call and waited for the perfect time.

But, am I a good writer in English?

No, I didn’t believe it. I just gave a try. Back in the days, when I was in High School, my English Teacher scolds me about my poor English. This was the time, I lost my confidence in public speaking. Teachers are the building blocks. I respect them a lot.

So, after a month, I received a Whatsapp message, which says,  Are you the one looking for a content writing job?, I said Yes.

And the journey begins. La la… La la…

I got my first Title which I have to write, I somehow managed to write after getting scolded for the first time. This scolding made me write better content in a more creative way.

I said to me, Jawad, Just Write.

Since then, I have written more than 200 blogs on various topics, be it:

  • Medical, (Highly Sensitive Person for Elaine Aron as a ghostwriter), or Satved (an ayurvedic medicine company)
  • Technical / Non-technical Websites
  • Microtransactions for a Malaysia based gaming company.
  • Souvenir Company
  • 3 Star Hotel Group
  • Import-Export Training Institute
  • Machinery Supplier
  • A Software Company
  • Travels, to name a few.

Few of the links are given here:

  1. Ceramix Expo 2019 – (,
  2. Import-Export websites – (,
  3. Souvenir Shop – (,
  4. nipra3dstudio, Magento Development for – (

So, writing doesn’t require extraordinary English speaking skills, but if you are creative enough with English knowledge or any other language, You Can Write.

That’s all for my first ever blog on WordPress.

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Published by Jawad Rizvi

Hi everyone. I am Jawad Rizvi. I started writing blogs for different websites in 2018 working as a freelancer. It was the time when I came to know that even a person like me who is less confident during all these years can write something for websites around the world on multiple-niches. If I can write something creative, why not you? Good Luck :) Use this link:

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